Terms and Conditions


All prices quoted are as of the date quoted, and are valid for 2 days thereafter. Client agrees to
pay for all flight time at the hourly rates quoted. In the event of delay due to air traffic control
(ATC or weather related rerouting, unanticipated fuel stops or other circumstances that result in
additional flight time beyond that quoted, Client will be invoiced and hereby agrees to pay for
the additional flight time at the quoted hourly rate. Client is responsible for all additional flight
related expenses which will be billed at cost and may include, but not be limited to: over-flight
permits, d-icing, hangar rental, crew/aircraft re positioning, flight phone, ground transportation,
catering, crew overnights, any unforeseen fuel stops and internet connection charges.
Additional fees may apply for customer selected services.
FBO’s will be billed accordingly. V-STREAM AVIATION may charge Additional Fees and other
charges described in this agreement to the credit card provided by Client. Cancellation by
Client of Confirmed trip will result in a cancellation fee equal to a % of the total dollar amount
quoted, according to the schedule.
Written Cancellation Received by V-STREAM AVIATION:
100+ hours in advance of first scheduled departure. Domestic: No Charge – International:
No Charge
72-96 hours in advance of first scheduled departure. Domestic: 25% – International: 50%
48-72 hours in advance of first scheduled departure. Domestic: 50% – International: 75%
24-48 hours in advance of first scheduled departure. Domestic: 75% – International: 100%
24 hours in advance of first scheduled departure. Domestic: 100% – International: 100%


V-STREAM AVIATION will attempt to accommodate itinerary changes subject to owner approval, crew
and aircraft availability, and subject to price adjustment. Notification of changes or cancellation must
be made to V-STREAM AVIATION home office and confirmed in writing by e-mail or fax.
V-STREAM AVIATION will re-quote the trip and Client must agree to the revised quote and sign the
associated documentation.
Responsibility – Client shall have no responsibility for aircraft maintenance issues that may arise in the
course of the trip but shall be fully responsible for any damage to the aircraft, aircraft cabin, interiors,
lavatories, in-flight entertainment and electronic systems caused by passengers whether through
negligence or otherwise. Client shall have no recourse against V-STREAM AVIATION or its agents if a
flight is terminated or diverted due to failure by Client and/or passenger(s) to comply with pilot.


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